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Advantage of International Public Relations Networks Compared to Single Local PR Agencies

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Advantage of International Public Relations Networks Compared to Single Local PR Agencies

It is the boon of the global economy that companies have liberty to run their operations and businesses across national frontiers. However, liberty to do business in different countries and cultures neither does setup your business nor make an image for your brand unless you do not make some smart business decisions. Setting up of an effective PR campaign is one of those steps that pull up your business, successfully, in foreign shores.

For expanding business or making an image for your brand, you can choose either an International public relation network or a local PR agency. About the selection of a public relation firm an International public relation firm poses many advantages over local PR agency.

The biggest disadvantage with a local PR agency in terms of International Public Relations is that, it hardly shows any co-ordination between different countries and each Local company seems like running their own campaign. Though, their always remain a sense of autonomy in operations of the local PR agency, however, without an organized co-coordination a local PR agency heaves heavy on cost and success of a PR campaign.

One of the disadvantages with local PR agency is inconsistency in delivering message in different territories can also lead to a dilution of core values and positioning. Apart from the dilution of core values, it also can make bad impact over existing clientele and can ruin all the heavy investment made in International Public Relations. Moreover, inconsistency, delivering the messages even can go across borders through international media tarnishing the image of your brand. Contrary to inconsistency in local firm, an International Public relations network holds control over entire operation from a centralized authority based at headquarters of the company, yet they provide certain level of independence to the channel partners.

The other major disadvantage with local companies is content duplication which also results in wastage of PR resources. As the operation is run over number of countries thus the overheads and administration costs of International Public relations keeps on duplicating over in each country, whereas, in case of networked operations duplication of cost and content is controlled from centralized monitoring.

There are many other advantages with an International public relations network that is not possible with a local firm. It can easily promote and brand product and services that are beneficial to multicultural audience and project a multinational and multicultural image for a company. It can do a multicultural research and analysis for a company thus suggesting product and services in demand. International public relations network can make favorable suggestions after researching multicultural audience and can also provide word of mouth referrals for business promotion.

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