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A Yoli MLM Company Review – Why Former Xango Leaders Started This Company

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A Yoli MLM Company Review – Why Former Xango Leaders Started This Company

You may have heard the news about former Xango leaders leaving that company to launch a new health and wellness beverage company called Yoli. Are you at least a bit curious why they left to start their own company? I am talking about three great MLM legends. They all left because they were concerned about long term stability and the continual growth of the companies in which they were leaders. And when company management fails to grasp the importance of that simple concept, it can really hurt the organization as a whole. You are going to learn what it takes to run a successful MLM company and why you should consider them as a candidate in your careful selection of a solid home based business.

Why Did Darren Falter, Corey Citron And Robbie Fender Leave Xango?

Xango lacked innovation. Despite being the first legendary company to brand themselves effectively through the introduction of the Mangosteen fruit packaged in a uniquely shaped bottle, Xango was struggling to capitalize on the dominating trends. As a result, distributorship numbers are down and the future remains hanging in the balance. Partly to blame is the management’s stubborn thinking that their unique selling proposition is their First-To-Market branding concept and that people are going to join Xango because of it.

What Are Good Examples of Great MLM Companies That Demonstrated Great Innovation?

Monavie is a great example of a company that did a great job branding themselves with the introduction of Acai berries into the market place via their assortment of 19 different antioxidant-rich fruit juices packaged in a wine bottle. They just did not depend solely on their unique wine-bottle branding to dominate a sizable market share in the Acai berry industry. Monavie also capitalized on dominating trends in the energy drink market and launched their first energy drink that is free of sugar and caffeine.

Where was Xango with their Mangosteen energy drink or any other products that revolve around their main central theme? If Xango did a really good job introducing the Mangosteen fruit into the market, why did they lack the motivation to follow through with more innovative products that cater to the demands of that niche market? Could this be the reason behind the departure of their former top leaders?

Daren Falter The Bestselling Author of How To Select A Network Marketing Company Knows The Importance of Consistent Innovation

Innovation has to be consistent. A good example of that is Steve Jobs of Apple Computer with his consistent product launches that catered to the current demands of the marketplace.

In case you are not aware, Daren had selected Xango as the number 1 company among the list of other MLM companies on the top ten list. Now you are wondering why would he leave the number 1 company he has chosen to start a brand new company in a highly competitive industry. The answer is that Daren knows about the importance of an emerging market share that comes once in a lifetime and if it is not being taken advantaged of, the result will be loss of potential revenue earnings.

With the patented Blast cap technology that is truly a remarkable innovation for Yoli in this highly competitive energy drink market, Daren saw this as one of the most powerful unique selling propositions that have unique branding components that will allow his company to stay very competitive in the long term.

Daren has been a long term network marketing distributor for over 20 years and has worked as a consultant for top MLM companies for 10 years. He knows what it takes for a company to be successful. Having a solid track record with his former company Xango already speaks volumes.

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