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CSR – The Leading Provider of Silicon Products and Software for the Consumer Electronics Market

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CSR – The Leading Provider of Silicon Products and Software for the Consumer Electronics Market

A Brief on CSR’s Core Business:

CSR stands for Cambridge Silicon Radio and it started in 1999. The company started with only 36 employees and it started when it split from Cambridge Consultants. The founders of the company, who all formally worked at Cambridge Consultants, where Phil O Donovan, James Collier and Glenn Collinson. CSR is a designer, manufacturer of silicon products and software for the consumer electronics market and is headquarter in Cambridge, United Kingdom. In 2005 the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2004. The business began with developing single chip Bluetooth devices. They released the world’s first single chip Bluetooth called the BlueCore1 in 2000. During the same year CSR appointed John Hodgson as CEO who helped lead the company to being as successful as it is. CSR went from having only 36 employees in 1999 to 129 employees in 2000. In 2004, CSR acquired Clarity Technologies Inc. for 17.1 million payable in cash. Clarity Technologies was a provider of software and services for the audio quality and performance of voice-based communications systems and products. The merging of both companies expanded CSR’s customer base by giving access to customers in the US. The acquisition of Clarity Technologies also gave CSR patented software that gave CSR a competitive advantage in the audio industry.

About their Mergers and Acquisitions:

In 2009, CSR and SiRF merged together. SiRF was the biggest supplier of GPS chips. Two years before merging, CSR and SiRF were doing phenomenally well with having share values of about $28.65 for CSR and SiRF had shares of about $39.15. However, the year before the merging, 2008, CSR stock exchange dropped to $2.26. And SiRF shares dropped to $0.94 per share. The merging of both companies would create a global leader in connectivity and place platforms. A year later, 2010, CSR acquired APT. APT was a leader in offering full integrity of the original digital audio and is optimized for instant real-time audio streaming. When CSR acquired SiRF, CSR gained one of the industry’s best audio IP portfolios.

Once again, CSR merged with another company as part of their strategic business plan. CSR merged with Zoran in 2010. Zoran was a leader in providing digital cameras, printers, and the U.S. DTV space. The merging of the companies would expand CSR’s portfolio by offering products in the new markets such as automotive infotainment, gaming and other. After the merging of the two companies, CSR continued to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. A year later, CSR acquired another company, DDFA, Direct Digital Feedback Amplifier. With acquiring DDFA, CSR would be able to give a broad range of consumer products that include, but not limited to, speakers, for a variety of wireless and wired active speakers, speaker docks, sound bars and etc.

Markets Served:

CSR today mainly serves the following markets:

  • Audio
  • Automotive
  • Cameras
  • Computing
  • Document Imaging
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home entertainment
  • Mobile Devices

CSR in news Again!

The latest news for CSR was Samsung acquired CSR’s handset connectivity and location operations and the associated technology for $34.4 million in 2012. Today CSR focuses on higher margin business and growth areas such as voice & music, automotive infotainment, indoors location finding, imaging and Bluetooth smart.

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