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Understanding 5Linx: Can You Really Make Money With 5Linx?

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Understanding 5Linx: Can You Really Make Money With 5Linx?

Founded in 2001, 5Linx is a Multi-Level Marketing company headquartered in Rochester, New York. They offer a huge variety of things ranging from utility and telecommunications services, health insurance, nutritional supplements, and business services.

Additionally, they offer a business or income opportunity for those that are interested in making an income stream all from home by marketing their company or products. In order to answer if you can make money with 5Linx, you must understand the company and that is exactly my goal when doing this review.

The Thing:

By The Thing, I mean their products of services offered. As mentioned before, 5Linx offers utility and telecommunications services, health insurance, nutritional supplements, and business services. We will examine a few and I will give a brief explanation to the few I list as well.

They offer 3 Main categories with several sub-categories in each. The 3 Main categories are Home, Wellness, and Business.

  1. Home/Platinum Discount Network – This service is all about Saving Money! The current average savings for a member is $1,500 per year. You are able to use this service to save money on practically everything you probably already buy on a daily basis. They also offer the ability to save up to 50% from America’s top brands.
  2. Wellness/Nutrition/Hi5 Challenge – They offer both shakes and supplements of their Hi5 which is designed to provide your body with more energy, higher metabolism, and promote muscle growth.
  3. Business/Security System – This is a security system for your business designed to provide 24 hour monitoring, alarm systems, and state-of-the-art security equipment.

The Opportunity:

The question still remains; can you really make money with 5Linx? Well, in order to find the answer we must first look into their Compensation Plan. The compensation plan is the way companies pay their members, distributors, affiliates, consultants, or whatever else you like to call them.

5Linx has 6 different payouts including Monthly Residuals and Overrides, Weekly Customer Acquisition Bonus, Customer Bonus Pool, Revenue Pool, SVP Incentive Bonuses, and Platinum Pool. I will briefly discuss a few below!

  1. Monthly Residuals and Overrides – This payout occurs in three ways including Personal, Open Line, and Generational. The Open Line Commissions are paid on the Residual Customers in your organization based upon your rank and your number of customers. For example, if you have 30 Residual Customers, you will earn 15% Commission from their purchases.
  2. Customer Bonus Pool – Based on the number of customer you have generated in your business, you will receive a monthly payout. For example, if you have 50 Customers, you will earn $250 each and every month. If you have 100 Customers, you will earn $500 every month of residual income.
  3. Platinum Pool – By achieving the rank of Platinum, you are able to earn 1% of all product sales!

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With 5Linx!

The Cost:

For some people, this is the most important question that has to be answered before even considering joining a business like this. Understand, you are opening up your own type of business by joining. All businesses require some type of start-up cost. However, in the industry of Multi-Level Marketing, it is generally much cheaper than it would be to start a traditional type business. With that being said, let’s move on!

If you want to get started and begin making money marketing 5Linx’s company or products there are 3 purchase options you must choose from!

  1. Independent Marketing Representative – $199.00. If you decide this is the option you would like to choose you will be able to simply earn residual commissions marketing their company or products.
  2. Leader Starter Pack – $499.00. If you decide this option is more attractive to you, you will get an Energy Certification, a Smart Builder to help grow your business, a Box of Hi5 Edge, a Box of Hi5 Boost, a Box of Hi5 Lean, a 12 Pack Case of Hi5 Fuel, a 12 oz. Bag of MontaVida, a Box of MontaVida ct Brew Cups, 40 $10 Gift Cards, and your $199 Registration Fee will be paid for to become an Independent Marketing Representative.
  3. VIP Starter Pack – $999.00. If this option is the one for you, it includes your $199 Registration Fee to become an Independent Marketing Representative, the Smart Builder, 3 Boxes of Hi5 Edge, 3 Boxes of Hi5 Boost, 3 Boxes of Hi5 Lean, 3 Twelve-Pack cases of Hi5 Fuel, 3 Twelve-oz Bags of MontaVida, 3 Boxes of MontaVida 30 ct Brew Cups, an International Event Ticket hosted by 5Linx, and 100 $10 Gift Cards. This is their most expensive Starter Pack offered and is for the most serious home-based business entrepreneurs.

Final Thoughts:

5Linx offers a ton of products and services for everyday needs. It’s not difficult to see the value in the company’s product lines. Their opportunity is extensive and lucrative as well! However, in order to maximize your profits with their compensation plan, you must understand how to effectively Network Market. Luckily, Network Marketing can be taught and learned very easily within a matter of months! The cost is awesome and flexible, due to the fact that they offer 3 total options. Additionally, with the Leader and VIP Starter Pack, they offer a very good amount of products.

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with 5Linx or their business/income opportunity

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