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What is Your Signature Gesture?

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What is Your Signature Gesture?

A signature gesture reaches one point when it defines you, because you’ve become so easily identifiable by them. A signature gesture is a gesture you’ve become known by, a common gesture that you perform in a particular way. There are as many signature gestures as there are individuals, and they come in a very wide variety. Some people play with their hair, others suck their thumbs, pat their eyebrows, display a specific look, gaze or smile, and so on.

A signature gesture is what sets you apart from others, and at the same time gives clues about your personality. Various examples of signature gestures can be seen in a person’s smile, posture, hand clap, pointing finger or any other repeated action in their body language. And by learning to recognize signature you can tell what kind of person you’re dealing with. For example, certain gestures, such as clapping the hands together once, show a mind that’s organized, while hair twirling gestures generally indicate that the person is a day dreamer.

Play close attention to the details in a person’s behavior. Observe the body language of your friends, partners, co-workers or simple acquaintances. They all have a signature, and if you pay attention they should be rather easy to recognize. When you manage to read the signs successfully, they will give you an insight into their personality, and help you figure out the best way to manage the person.

However, signature gestures don’t always provide accurate information. More explicitly, if a person uses a fake, artificial gesture as his or her signature, it will only indicate what he/she wants to suggest or look like, but will not necessarily reveal a real trait of his personality. For example, we can take the famous stance of Napoleon Bonaparte. His portrait pictures him in a mighty stance, on the canvas. With his hand tucked in his waistcoat, he reveals pride and authority. However, we don’t know if he ever really stood in that position, it might as well be just an image created by the artist.

Bottom line, signature gestures are unique, personalized gestures of a certain individual. We all have them, whether we realize it or not. If you’re not aware of your signature gesture, yo can ask your close friends, and they will most certainly come up with a bunch of them, instinctive gestures you never even thought about. They belong to you, whether you like it or not, and will be automatically associated with you.

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