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Tips on Choosing the Best Laptop Carrying Case

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Tips on Choosing the Best Laptop Carrying Case

How do you choose the laptop carrying case that’s best for you? It seems the number of laptop bag options is limitless. Don’t get confused. When choosing a case for your laptop, remember the main reason for getting the case in the first place is transporting your computer safely, but there’s no reason that safety should be boring. There are many case types from briefcase computer bags to messenger bags to computer backpacks, to simple sleeves. You’ll find a wide variety of materials, too. Laptop bags come in leather, canvas, nylon and simple cloth You can also find cases that come in aluminum or painted with your favorite band’s logo, the sky’s the limit. Of course if you are an artist, you can paint the case to give it that extra flair. Whatever you decide to go with, here are some things you should keep in mind when you go shopping.

Most laptop carrying cases have some things in common. The first is there should be a way to keep your computer stationary. You should be able to easily secure your notebook so that it doesn’t move. This is essential for good protection. You don’t want your notebook bouncing around inside the case. Another thing to look for is extra inserts to use for different sized computers. Most people have more than one laptop, so make sure that your case can handle it. One option many cases have is movable inserts to fit your laptop snugly. The insert can be moved around inside the bag and secured so any size laptop will be accommodated. This is very convenient as you can easily move the padding to suit the computer you will be carrying.

Secondly, make sure the bag has plenty of padding on the bottom and sides as well. Keep your data and investment safe.

Make sure that there is enough room left in these laptop carrying cases to store the incidentals too. I usually bring other peripherals with me. I bring the charger, maybe an external backup drive, reference books, etc. Just be sure that everything you need to carry can be easily stored in the case. You certainly don’t want to have to carry more than one bag or case around with you if you don’t have to.

One more thing to consider is how the bag will be carried. If you have a big load or a heavy laptop, you’ll want to look at the laptop backpacks. These are great if you’re walking any distance at all while carrying your bag. Rolling laptop bags are great, too. No one likes trudging through an airport or across campus carrying a heavy load.

Don’t forget the look as well. Are you going to be wearing a suit or business attire? You’ll want to lean more towards the messenger bag or the briefcase style of laptop bag. Are you a fashonista? There are laptop carrying cases suited for fashion as well.

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