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The Different Type of Tentages

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The Different Type of Tentages

By definition, a tentage is a collapsible shelter constructed of fabric, usually nylon or canvas, that is stretched and sustained by poles and used for camping outdoors or as a temporary shelter. There are four basic types of tentages discussed, the gazebo, single-sloping, the classic and the air con.

The single-sloping tentage is a structure that has a sloping roof, which allows rainfall to fall on opposite side in which one is facing when approaching the front entrance of the structure. This structure design is excellent for carnivals and concerts, among others. It is a free standing structure and is generally relatively smaller than the other types of tentages; it is also the most common. A single-sloping tentage resembles a lean-to, a structure with a single-pitch roof that is attached to the side of a building, as a wing or an extension. It can also resemble a shelter or shed having a roof with a single slope or pitch.

A classical tentage is a large and spacious tentage that does not have any doors. This type of tentage is generally the largest of the tentages and can normally accommodate a large amount of people; these tentages, also, are seen at carnivals, although they are often used for more formal occasions. The classical tentages can be fitted with lighting and fans, and, because of their size and the amount of people these tentages can hold, such accessories are often needed.

The gazebo tentage is a pavilion-type tentage that is free standing and is relatively smaller than the classical tentage; these tentages are often suitable for small events that require booths. They are sometimes octagonal; they are sometimes seen attached to a wall. The gazebo tentage is the best selection in areas where a great deal of rainfall or sunlight is expected, as it has the ability to shield the occupants from the elements while they continue with their festivities. In some cases, because of the gazebo design, covers can be used as accessories to shield the occupants from more extreme weather.

Air Con
The air con tentage is a structure, very similar to the ordinary tentages that can accommodate air conditioning. Having an air con tentage would be excellent, for example, if there are distinguished guests at a specific outdoor event. This is especially true if the event is more formal, such as a wedding or a dinner following such an event. The people in the tentage would feel more comfortable in an air conditioning environment as opposed to being in a classical tentage. Generally, air con tentages are spacious and can be sized according to the specific occasion.

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