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Oil Painting Without Brushes

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Oil Painting Without Brushes

As a known fact a paint brush is the most common mode of application of an oil color. However there are other methods also to apply paint on to a surface. This article speaks about the different methods of application of paint onto a surface other than the usual paint brushes.

Palette Knives

When you hear about palette knife you would be thinking about palette isn’t it? Palette knives have been a traditional tool for mixing the paint. They are the most apt tool to be used for creating smooth and consistent mediums of paints. However there are many painters who use the palette knife in addition to be used as mixing tool, they straight use the palette knife on to the painting surface.

These knives come in different shapes and signs. They are also available in plastic. As far as the mixing is concerned one shape or size is more than sufficient but as the case of using it as a paint brush is considered, the selection of the knife is made in the same way as the case of selecting brushes is considered. There is no shape or size which we can say is right or the apt one for usage. Experimentation is the key if you are working with palette knives if you are considering working with knives. Try the different shapes and you can select the one that gives you the best effects. Generally small and thin brushes are best suited for lining and big knives are the best for loading on the paint.


Many artists love using stencils in their paintings. This usage is loved by them especially when there is a usage of repetitive effect and stylish shapes. Stencils are a useful tool. There are pre made stencils available or you even an option of making stencils with your stencil kit. Ensure that you use the right materials for best results.

Stencil usage in paints is not a traditional method so there is no scope that you can find any tutorials for teaching you the technique of stencils. But is important that you keep in mind the fundamentals of the medium like the fat over lean. You might have noticed that in case the paint is thin in consistency then it stagnates around the edges, so in such a case it is important that you apply a thicker layer of painting. Stenciling is a very interesting art, however it is used as one of the under layers but it has amazing effects.

Rags, Sponges, Fingers

Rags, sponges and of course your fingers are all innovative tools in oil painting which can occupy the place of a paint brush.

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