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How to Become a Brown Bag Party Consultant – Brown Bag Party Starter Kits

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How to Become a Brown Bag Party Consultant – Brown Bag Party Starter Kits

After I did a lot of research I found that Brown Bag Party have the best offers to Consultants and Hostess. Consultants earn 50% of all sales with no Down line needed. You can also earn Bonus with Brown Bag. Most Adult Party Companies make you pay for Hostess awards, this is not the case with Brown Bag Party. All your Hostess Awards are paid by the company. When you buy one of four starter Kits you also receive a website and a Back office. Your up team is always there to help you. Your Hostess earn 20% of sales at their party for their Hostess awards. No dealing with inventory or delivery. Products will shipped to your customers. As you build your Down line you will earn more as well, but you do not have to have one to earn the 50%. You can buy your starter kit with Hostess points you have earned from Hosting a party. These are the reason I made the choice to go with Brown Bag party instead of the other Romance in Home Party Companies.

Here are the reason I did not go with the other Romance Party Companies. In my research I found that most companies only offer their Hostess 10% of the party sells in Hostess Awards. These Awards are paid by the Consultant. Which takes the 20% to 30% that she is making to 10% to 20%. A lot of these companies want you to pay for processing credit cards. Brown Bag does not. The kits for the other Companies are much smaller and cost a lot more than Brown Bag Party’s Starter kits and boosters. I ordered the Largest Starter Kit and all the Boosters plus two days air shipping and sent only $1400.00. Much less than I would have going with other companies, plus I would have received less product in my kit and no boosters that I could find. I have also attended some of the other Companies Home Parties. I did not like the fact they are not allowed to have co-ed or couples parties. Brown Bag allows co-ed and couple parties. You make more money with co-ed and couple parties most the time. I also found that a few of these Companies had Consultants that lied about state laws on the co-ed parties. I did the research and never found where IL or TN had a law that stated you could not have co-ed or couple parties like the PR Consultants stated to myself and many others. I am not willing to work for a company that allows this type of behavior. You might ask how I know they allow it, well I called and informed them of it. Their answer was that their company just does not allow it and they do not know why a Consult would say such a thing.

I have made more money with brown bag in the last thirty days than another consultant selling for another company has in six months. This is because I earn more in commissions than she does! I also do not have the cost of Hostess Awards that she does. Not only do I make more money, but I did not have to have a Down line to get there. I enjoy what I do and have the better deal! All in all after months of research I found that Brown Bag Party was the better choice because they not only treat their consultants better but their Hostess as well.

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