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Definitions of Marketing Communications

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Definitions of Marketing Communications

Marketing communication (MC) is the only way for businesses to move products, services, and ideas from manufacturers to end-users. It makes and maintains interaction with customers, prospects, retailers, and stakeholders. Marketing communication has a mix in which advertising and sales promotion play vital roles.

The types of MC include advertising, public relations, and sales promotions. Of these advertising extends the marketing footprint and always aims at a high rate of message delivery.

The 4 Ps of marketing: product, place, price, and promotion are the main goals of marketing communication. It reached a distinct target audience to change behavior through information, persuasion, and reminders. Without marketing communication, it is impossible to build awareness and encourage product trials. It maintains the customer base by reinforcing the purchase behavior by offering constant details about brand benefits.

The importance of MC within and across organizations as well as to the various stakeholders with a prime focus on customers

Marketing is the most important department of any organization. If marketing personnel succeed in their endeavors the company becomes profitable and expands. Without effective marketing, there are no profits and hence no new hires. Raises depend on the performance of the marketing communication. When an effective strategy is devised there can be fruitful results.

Not just the marketing department but other departments may work with the marketing communication such as events, sponsorship, public relations, direct marketing, and interactive marketing. These communication tools are often a part of the marketing communication mix.

In advertising, you need graphic designers, for sales calls you need the company vehicles from the admin department. For personal selling, you can use the sales staff. For approving a marketing event you have to have good relations with the accounts manager. So in a way, the marketing communications involve various departments within an organization. This increases operational efficiency. The integrated approach makes sure all channels are well aligned and follow the same tactic, in line with business objectives and company values.

Across the organization, it gives an impression about the company which could be negative or positive. Prospects and retailers compare the brand with its competitors and when your communications are good you can fare better than other brands and vice versa.

Many brands hire a third party for publicity, sales promotion, and word-of-mouth marketing, and the success or failure of the branding communication affects them directly. In terms of how it affects customers, they get closer to the brand products with the knowledge and information they can retain about the brand. Customers like to know how beneficial a product is for them and marketing communication tells them just that. All IMC strategy is focused on the way the customers want to experience the brand.

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