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Customer Service – 8 Customer Service Principles To Live By

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Customer Service – 8 Customer Service Principles To Live By

In an attempt to create a good image and perception, companies go the extra mile to project themselves in a positive light to members of the public in general and targeted customer groups in particular. Therefore, they go all out and make promises that they might sometimes not be able to fulfill. The worst thing that can happen is customers will feel “hard done by” when companies fail to live up to their promises and they will vote with their feet to the disadvantage of your organization. I would like to share eight principles that you can feel free to adopt as your own as you seek to provide better service to your customer.

I write this in the first person plural because satisfying customers is not the responsibility of the individual member of staff only but the whole team. I would write these on a poster and pin it on the wall for my staff to internalize if I were you.

1. We will keep our promises to our customers at all times. We will not only satisfy our customers but we will wow them.

2. We will not abuse our most loyal customers by over – charging them under the guise of a premium, but we will give them good value for their money by providing high quality products and services.

3. We will foster and nurture good business ethics by not doing any under – handed deals and giving and taking bribes to create easy passage of our transactions.

4. We are in business to create products and services that help create a better life on this planet earth therefore we will practice the golden rule.

5. We will be honest and trustworthy even though that may cost us a major account

6. We will not only present ourselves in positive light by being good to our customers, but we will be good to our employees who look after our customers.

7. We are more interested in the legacy that we leave behind generations after we are gone than temporary profit.

8. We will compete fairly by not involving ourselves in practices that can be misconstrued as unfair practices.

A businesses that demands a high standard of itself and portrays an image of honesty and integrity and the desire to serve at the core of its operations will outlast fierce competition from fly by night, quick buck enterprises that want to grab all they can get from the few customers that are loyal/. I believe loyalty must be rewarded by creating a pleasant and user – friendly environment for the acquisition and consumption of products and services. Change the way you take care of business and your business will take care of you for a very long time to come.

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