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Champ Turns Chump With Trump

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Champ Turns Chump With Trump

The land of opportunity had a sterling reputation for giving people a way to rise above their means. That is why they could afford to gamble on Donald Trump, who sold them a bill of goods that had no substance and which incredibly holds them two years into his presidency..

America made history by electing the industrialized world’s first non-white president in 2008. Barack Obama saved a tanking economy brought on by 8 years of conservative leadership.. The pendulum swung back with the election of Trump to prove most telling about the naive American psyche.

Trump became President quite possibly with foreign assistance based on his previous shady business dealings. His methods of operation are transparent to those not taken in by his antics, like the ones who never signed up for his notorious Trump University. Still, there are enough suckers among Americans to keep the entire country captive to Trump’s colossal scam.

At the end of August 2018, a trade war started by Trump dominated the news and the stock market crashed over the uncertain future of global trade. At a G7 meeting of world leaders, Trump announced that China had called and that talks would resume. Voila! Stocks went up and stayed there even as China denied that any calls had been made. So far there is no telling who was scamming whom, but Trump claimed that a lie on his part would have been a mere negotiating tactic.

The Trump base, along with the stock market and Republican Trump enablers, seem to buy a confident claim. If delivered well, a boast about a win is as good as an actual win. The proof of that dubious premise remains to be seen, but to those not taken in, the evidence is already overwhelming.

Trump proclaims that a wall between the US and Mexico is being built. Numerous on-site sources contradicting the claim. Trump issues an edict to get the wall built ASAP, violating laws if necessary to get the wall built by the next election. The timeline of those events seems logically clear. But a good portion of the Trump support network seems to think that Trump is admirable for his tenacity to get done what he wants.

A society based on that mindset is an autocracy. It accepts a tyrant as its leader. A democracy like the US that is temporarily headed by a tyrannical business con artist is a gullible society taken in by irrational hopes, fears and faith.

Peter Popoff began as a televangelist and has skirted the law for 25 years. He now hawks Miracle Spring Water in an elaborate scheme to hook believers. They get a bottle of water for free, then dish out small amounts to get their goal. Some even get cash and they make testimonials useful for ads to tout the Water and bring in more cash, etc.

Trump is said to be rabid about getting what he wants. To an objective observer, that complex hodgepodge of greedy goals boils down to one. Trump wants to sucker the US and the world beyond it by duping enough people to keep him in position to satisfy entities to whom he owes more than he can ever repay.

Thankfully, America is greater than Trump. Infrastructure is not just roads, bridges and railways. It is an aging system in America that Trump the builder promised to revamp. But more than that, infrastructure is the skeletal framework of the US, the system of institutions, protocols and norms that make America buzz along in an increasingly complex global world facing economic, climate and immigration challenges as one human entity

The task of uniting the world is daunting. The Amazon burns and emits carbon to affect the whole world. The sacrosanct right of sovereignty allows Brazil the right to deal with the situation as it deems fit. If the world doesn’t agree with Brazil’s handling of the crisis, the United Nations was the forum established by the United States to referee a solution.

True, the global infrastructure is much younger and more scattered than even that of the US. But no progress can be made in either as long as America has Miracle Spring Water in its eyes. The Founding Fathers can be thanked for a Constitution that points the way.

The clear sighted in America are holding steady. They are turning the current chump country back into the CHAMP position where it deserves to be.

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