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Business Networking Online For Free the Power of Web 2.0 Marketing

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Business Networking Online For Free the Power of Web 2.0 Marketing

The shape of business has been transformed irrevocably due to the advent of internet. Business networking online has revolutionized the way we conduct our work.

Web 2.0 both as a technology and also as a business tool has become a de facto marketing medium which has attracted thousands and millions of people across continents. The business networking online can be gauged from the fact that ninety percent of web traffic belongs to social networking site.

Business networking online can be cleverly used to generate thousands of leads and that too free of cost. Odd as it might sound, we tell startups that they should try to make as little money as possible. If you can figure out a way to turn a billion dollar industry into a fifty million dollar industry, so much the better, if all fifty million go to you.

Though indeed, making things cheaper often turns out to generate more money in the end, just as automating things often turns out to generate more jobs.Web 2.0 features are embedded in social sites like Facebook , MySpace, Orkut and Hi5. Participating on forums on these sites can not only generate leads but can also be used as powerful feedback mechanisms.

Public awareness , product promotion , special discount schemes can all be promoted through social sites. Web 2.0 means using the web as it was meant to be used, and Google does. That’s their secret. They’re sailing with the wind, instead of sitting becalmed praying for a business model, like the print media, or trying to tack upwind by suing their customers.

Blogs have almost become a byword in the internet lexicon . Business networking online can be turbo boosted using blogs as a medium. In fact many large organizations have woken up to the power of blogging and have spawned many official blogs . Supporting blogs of workers and consumers and participating actively in related blogs become an independent marketing activity.

Business networking online is no longer considered to be a geek phenomenon relegated to the realm of academicians . Large ,small corporations, individuals and groups have all migrated to web 2.0 and business networking online.

The power of web 2.0 lies in its breadth of coverage where millions of people can become your audience in a matter of minutes. This all consuming marketing fire comes with no strings attached. Business networking online is completely free.

Small businesses must embrace business networking online and exploit it to the fullest. The beauty in web 2.0 marketing lies in its inherent nature. Participants on social sites play several roles simultaneously.

They are the critics, users, consumers and marketers, all bundled in one.

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