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5 Internet Wealth Secrets You Should Be Using Right Now

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5 Internet Wealth Secrets You Should Be Using Right Now

We already know that there are many people online who have apparently found the ultimate internet wealth secrets and are putting those secrets to good use. We also know that jumping from program to program is not one of those secrets. This comes from first hand experience and from observation. You really have to apply some staying power to whatever you are doing in order to achieve your desired income level online.

There are five things you must do well in order to uncover the ultimate wealth secrets you have heard about. You do not have to follow the precise order I have set out here, but you must somehow incorporate them into your business, or else you will waste precious time spinning your wheels. So here then, are the five Internet wealth secrets you should apply now in order to get moving towards your goal of financial independence.

1. Identify and follow a clearly defined plan.  I deliberately avoided the term “business plan” as it tends to scare people away. What I mean though is that you must decide what kind of business you are going to follow. Are you going to create your own product and sell at CJ or ClickBank? Will you become an eBay expert and concentrate on auctions? Or will you become a bum marketer and use free traffic to sell affiliate products. Whatever you choose is ultimately up to you but do make a decision.

2. Find a way to get targeted traffic. Elsewhere I make the assertion that traffic is the second most important currency of the online entrepreneur. It is true. Whatever business model you end up choosing, you must get traffic to your website. If you have the money and the willingness to learn, PPC is great because you get almost instant results. If money is tight, you may look into some SEO tools. One thing is certain, the traffic or website visitors that you get must be targeted. In other words, your visitors must be real people who are looking for your products. Nothing else is good enough, and this is a major plank of the wealth secrets of successful internet marketers.

3. Make an effort to increase your website conversion. When someone comes to your website and actually buys from you, that is called conversion. The higher your conversion percentage, the more money you will make. Conversion is key. If people come to your website but leave without buying or leave without opting into your newsletter or auto-responder, your conversion is not good. Qualified visitors to your website are a precious component of web marketing. If you can get 4 sales per 100 visitors, you are above average. If you can convert 10 sales per 100 visitors, that is fantastic.

4. You must be able to sell to your customers again and again. It is easier and more profitable to sell to your customers than it is to sell to new people. The cost of customer acquisition is quite high in some industries, but once you have a customer it is more profitable to sell them again because you have

5. Provide good value beyond the price of your product.  To become wealthy from your online business, you should become a trusted friend to your customers and those on your mailing list. As you know, not everyone on your list will buy from you. Keep them there. It will not cost you anything to do so. For those who have already purchased from you one of the lesser known internet wealth secrets you must know is that you can continue to give them stuff (valuable stuff) that will further endear them to you. After a while they will fight to stay on your list.

Are there other internet wealth secrets? Certainly, there are, but if you can implement these five tips today,  you will learn others as you go. In fact, you will develop tips and strategies of your own that you will never ever share with others. Here’s to the wealthy guru in you.

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