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3 Easy Ways to Effortlessly Sponsor Self Starters For Your MLM Network Marketing

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3 Easy Ways to Effortlessly Sponsor Self Starters For Your MLM Network Marketing

I am going to show you how you can almost effortlessly sponsor self starters and make money out of every home business prospect you meet whether they are interested to join your business or not immediately after reading this article.

Specifically we are going to talk the ways that I use that work all the time, like article marketing, List Builders and Local Networking Meetup groups. I am a big fan of using systems to automate my business.

One important thing is that your opportunity should be attractive enough for the masses. Promoting outdated opportunities will not work.After reading this article you should know how to effortlessly sponsor without chasing down your prospect.

1. Article Marketing

One of the best free ways you can drive a lot of traffic and sponsor a lot of people is by doing Article marketing. However understanding your target market where you will look for prospects is important. We will focus our attention here on existing Network Marketers since this is a large group of buying self starters. Article marketing can be done in 2 ways.

a. Write the article yourself ( article length between 350 – 700 words with bullet points or sub headings)

b. Outsource the writing to services to freelance writers.This is a place where you will find a large pool of experienced writers who can write your articles for small fee.

2. Use Attraction Marketing concept

This is the method I use to drive a large number of high quality prospects and this method alone was responsible for generating over 10,000 leads my first full year online making me thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. See I am firm believer of systems which offer a well planned step by step blueprint which are easily duplicatable.

a. Use a fully built Attraction Marketing System which has multiple lead capture pages focusing on a specific problem and solution on each page. The system provides all the answers for your prospect. You just redirect them and earn and affiliate commission for every referral. This way you gain instant credibility in your prospects eyes by directing them to the solution there is seeking to solving their biggest challenges.

b. This is an advanced method.Create a unique offer that your prospects cannot resist when they visit your webpage.

For example: If your website is all about helping marketers generate quality leads on Twitter, make sure you give them 7 free videos on how to set up twitter the right way and a free strategy on how to drive quality traffic on autopilot. Once they log in you can them upsell an offer with another 6 videos on more advanced twitter traffic secrets.

Getting the point here…

3. Local Network Marketing/Internet network Marketing events

For those not internet savvy a very effective way to meet other business people like yourself is to find local meet-up groups in your local city.

a. One such site is called Meetup.com.

Go there and search for the keyword like Network marketing, MLM or Internet marketing, you will find a lot of meet-up groups. This is an opportunity to cross network and do joint ventures.

Some of these groups will even give you a few minutes to highlight your opportunity to the group during their meet-up sessions.

2. Internet Marketing events

Several Internet Marketers hold local Value driven events in different cities. Make sure you get on the lists so that you become aware of the events. This is a fantastic strategy to meet other fellow entrepreneurs

And in many cases it may be the place you meet your fellow entrepreneur who shares your similar vision leading into a new joint venture or company or product setting you on the road to success.

I just showed you 3 easy ways to effortlessly sponsor self starters and make money out of every home business prospect you meet.

The 3 ways are:

1. Article marketing

2. Attraction Marketing

3. Local Network Marketing/Internet network Marketing events.

You can use these strategies to attract prospects and sponsor people than what most people do, like chase prospects down. Working on these strategies will be more effective than driving 10 trips prospecting in your local mall. You can duplicate this with your team without direct competition because of the very large internet and local market.

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