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Women Entrepreneurs: How To Make Your Business A Success

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Women Entrepreneurs: How To Make Your Business A Success

With entrepreneurship holding out the promise of a lucrative future, together with the freedom to be your own boss, many women are choosing to walk the road to free enterprise rather than stay in dead end jobs. Research has shown that twice as many women as men opt out of corporate jobs to start their own business.

Advantages of Starting Your Own Business:

1) Earlier, women were expected to work towards the goals of their organization without considering their own professional satisfaction. Now, more and more women are discovering the joys of being their own boss.

2) As the boss of your own organization, you have more flexibility about setting corporate goals.

3) As a woman entrepreneur, you need not worry about any glass ceiling that may hamper your professional growth.

4) You get to earn more as an entrepreneur.

5) Your contributions will be valued more when you run your own business.

What Makes Women Entrepreneurs Successful
The world over, business analysts are sitting up and taking note of the contributions women entrepreneurs are making to the economy. Entrepreneurship used to be a male bastion, and the glass ceiling in corporate sector is driving many women away. Therefore, an increasing number of women are choosing to leave their corporate jobs and start their own businesses.

Here are some startling facts about women entrepreneurs:

1) Women start more companies than men do.

2) A third of women who left their jobs to become successful entrepreneurs said their employer did not take them seriously.

3) 51 percent of women left corporate jobs because of lack of flexibility.

4) In the US, women own 28 percent of small businesses.

5) Women entrepreneurs in the US employ a little over 9 million people and earned $3 million in revenues for the US in 2005.

Groups for Women Entrepreneurs:
Many organizations support the growth of women entrepreneurs. You can join groups like Women in Entrepreneurship that aim to train women entrepreneurs and provide them with resources.

Women Entrepreneur Groups: Advantages of Joining;
Some of the advantages of joining groups for women entrepreneurs include:

1) Opportunity to share experiences and network with other women entrepreneurs.

2) Get updates on workshops, seminars, trade shows etc.

3) Have access to a directory listing of women entrepreneurs.

4) Participate in competitions for women entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs can also avail grants and loan programs run by many federal, state and private agencies. With more and more women starting their own businesses, the number of grants and loans allocated to them has also gone up. If you are a woman entrepreneur and need to know more about funds, business plans, and organizations that help women entrepreneurs, you can consult a small business expert.

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