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Traditional Network Marketing Vs Online Networking

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Traditional Network Marketing Vs Online Networking

Today’s Network Marketing

Today, more than ever since it’s creation, Network Marketers have the unique opportunity to build a profitable and sustainable business that grows in a tangible and maintainable fashion. Thanks to the Internet and all the new technology in communication that has taken the market by force since the 90′s and continues to reach new heights by connecting more and more people around the world. Or in the case of network marketing connecting you with your leads and in turn growing your business.

Are There Advantages to Running A Network Marketing Business Online?

Let’s explore some advantages of online networking:
More Prospects: In network marketing leads is everything. Once you’re done asking everyone in your family, friends and anyone within shouting distance, you’re going to need leads.The traditional way of generating leads still works; you can buy a list and cold call hundreds of people. You can invite everyone you meet to a hotel meeting. These methods are still effective to this day. Unlike traditional marketing tactics, your only limitations online are determined by your efforts and how much you actually put into your business. You could essentially reach thousands of people via the internet and thus present your business to more people.

Better Qualified Prospects: If you’re doing things right in your online business, people who are searching for someone like you or they may be simply researching your company/opportunity may contact you. You now have very qualified lead. This person has actively reached out to you about your network marketing business, they want to know more about you and your company. The key here is still you.

Higher Motivation Levels: When working with non-qualified prospects the amount of rejections is so high that 90% of net-workers lose their motivation and leave before their first year in the business. On the other hand dealing with people who are already interested and want to know more drops your rejection level significantly, you’ll enjoy a lot more yes’ and that will keep you highly motivated to stay the course in network marketing.

It’s usually not a face to face interaction so you don’t take it as a personal rejection, so you do not lose the initial motivation that is fundamental for your success.

Less Tension & Stress: For some in the network marketing industry the very thought of pitching their friends and family, causes extreme tension and stress. Many times they’re told to approach anyone within speaking distance and promote their business. I understand how valuable and effective these tactics are, but for someone new they can be pretty daunting.

With your online business most of this stress & tension is relieved because you’ll mostly be dealing with people who are contacting you and actually want to know more. This will help build your confidence to the point where you’ll lose your fear of rejection and realize it’s not personal.

Other Opportunities” The beautiful thing about the internet is that your efforts can be massively multiplied. You could use your online business to grow multiple businesses in companies of your liking. The internet can be leveraged in many different ways.

Ease of Communication: There are many new ways of communication by Internet – like VOIP, Skype, conference calls and the new favorite webinars- they allow you to speak to large amounts of people for very little cost.

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