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Top 5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes

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Top 5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes

In recent years, business has shifted to being conducted in a large part online. With millions of consumers using the web, there are vast opportunities for small businesses to make a mark on the web. Using strategies such as local online marketing and advertising campaigns, search engine optimization, etc. (the same tactics used by large businesses). Your local business can become visible to thousands searching the internet every day. Here are some things to avoid when marketing your small business:

1. Not establishing a website, or having a website that is outdated:

In today’s market, a website is your business’ embassy to the online world. Without a website, your company is virtually non-existent in an online sense. Moreover, with a website that was built even five years ago, chances are, the site is highly out of date in terms of current industry standards. An updated website not only makes it easy to be found on search engines, but creates a confident, reputable brand image.

2. Spending too large a portion of marketing budget on direct mail:

With the introduction of the internet, allowing consumers to browse and shop at their own leisure, direct mail has become an outdated marketing resource. While, direct mail campaigns should still be an important portion of your marketing mix, more of a focus should be put into web marketing.

3. Throwing money at PPC:

While PPC, or pay per click advertising, can be a viable component to an online marketing strategy, it should not be your entire strategy. PPC, when used correctly, can drive traffic to your updated website and lead to conversion and lead generation. However, if your web presence is “in the weeds” traffic via PPC will not produce effective results in terms of ROI. Once a business establishes a reputable brand image online, then PPC becomes an investment strategy and not just another expense on the balance sheet.

4. Spamming

There are many that believe large quantity blasts are a great way to reach consumers, whether it be direct mail, email, web forum spam, or any number of other tactics. While this may reach a large audience, and even 5% conversion of that number might be huge, this may leave a bad taste in the mouth of the rest. So while you may gain some business from that five percent, you’ve effectively alienated yourself from not only the rest of your target audience, but all those in their extended networks. This draws on the idea of promoting a quality brand image and reputability.

5. Not tracking campaigns and results

I would venture to say a large portion of business owners, while dedicated a portion of their budget towards marketing, have no idea what it’s doing or if it is even working. Without the ability to track campaigns, you can’t develop a quality strategy and know which areas to pursue.

As is the case with many small businesses, putting time and resources into developing a quality marketing strategy can be a daunting task. Without the proper knowledge and outlets, you could be spending more money than need be, or not enough. Some may simply not have the time to allow for such activities, as much small business relies heavily on management to take a strong role.

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