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The Top 7 Things You Should Know About Today’s World to Position Yourself for Success

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The Top 7 Things You Should Know About Today’s World to Position Yourself for Success

The pace of change can be stupefying, disorientating and fear-inducing. To successfully navigate to your chosen destination, you need to understand what is going on in the environment around you and how to position yourself accordingly. Here are the top seven things, which are the symptoms of change, that you need to know and what to do about them to position yourself for success.

1. Noise: We live in a noisy world. The noise can be physical, mental, and psychological. The noise can be so deafening that sometimes you can be sucked in and become disorientated. Take social media, a term that did not exist until just about twenty years ago, the noise in some of the hot social media sites can make you dizzy. According to statista.com, there were about 2.7billion monthly active social media users globally in 1918, a figure expected to grow to about 3.02 billion by 2021. If you follow all the noise threads in social media you will lose your way. Yet on these platforms, there are tremendous gems of opportunities and learning. Amidst the noise, search carefully and you’ll discover nuggets of gold. Example, if you want to learn e-commerce, search for e-commerce groups where you can learn what you want accordingly and you’ll be one leg up.

2. Distractions: We live in a world of distractions. While noise is generated to confuse, distractions lure you out of your chosen path. The most potent distraction is pornography. Watching pornography, like alcohol, can be addictive. Next in the bar of distractions is advertising, the type that follows you everywhere you go on the internet. The big companies, using powerful algorithms, are able to track everything you do online and accordingly program their pay per click adverts to follow you everywhere you go. Be careful about the types of sites you visit. Also, select the search engines you use carefully. Select the ones that don’t use algorithms to track you.

3. Anything goes: We live in a world of anything goes. Have you seen those scary tattoos? Have you seen those massive boobs kept massive by implanting silicon chips? Have you seen those massive asses kept massive by implanting silicon chips? Do these things debase our humanity or are they rights. Are we all entitled to use our bodies the way we want? Be careful, anything goes mentality can make you lose perspective. Do what will make you a good role model for your kids and grand-kids and desist from the path that seems easy, popular and licentious but leads to vanity.

4. Easy money: We live in a world where making money is like a walk through the park. Gone are the days where you needed to work for donkey years before you smelled your first one million dollars or never at all in your lifetime. Today we live in a world that mints millionaire by the minute. A twenty-something-year-old boy or girl can figure out an app, or lunch a website, and before you know he has generated millions with or without an initial public offering. With this hoopla about how easy it is to make millions, you may think that hard work is no more necessary. On the contrary. Making millions today requires exceptional skills not evenly spread within the population, countries, and geographies. What’s required? Learn new skills that can and will position you to make your millions.

5. Thieves: We live in a world full of scoundrels. For every person planning to do good, there are ten out there planning how to swindle you out of your hard-earned money. There are people out there looking for ways to steal your password, there are people out there looking for ways to steal your personal identification number, and there are people out there looking for ways to defraud you. Though the long arm of the law is always out there to bring them to justice, some have perfected their game and are always one step ahead of the law. This calls for vigilance. Be careful with the type of information you post on social media. Keep how much millions you have made or making a secret and not a bragging right.

6. Freedom: We live in a world that champions freedom and rights. Despite occasional attempts by anarchist groups to seize parts of some countries and territories and impose their will on the hapless, we live in a world that values freedom in all its glory. From freedom of speech, freedom of worship and everything else in between, you’re guaranteed freedom. But there is the underside of freedom. Some people turn freedom into a license to do as they like. Be careful. Choose your freedoms and rights carefully because your right ends where another person’s right begins. Choose freedom and rights that are ennobling. Choose values and role models that point you in the direction of success and not those that lead to self-destruction.

7. Knowledge: We live in a world suffused with knowledge. They say our smartphones carry more computing power than the Apollo Spacecraft that landed a man on the moon in 1969. Today there is more knowledge generated in a day than it used to be generated in a year just 30 years ago. However, there is a difference between knowledge and data, and there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Choose wisdom over directionless knowledge and the world will accord you recognition.

There you have them, the top seven things you should know about today’s world to position yourself for success. I will be the first to admit they are far from comprehensive. And they clearly overlap. However, they are good starting points to judge yourself as you aspire for success, however you want to define it. Thanks to technology, the world is becoming more egalitarian. The world is becoming more transparent and individually and collectively, we’re becoming more knowledgeable. Live your life wisely and before long you’ll be on the way to success. Success does not come cheap. Invest in your future.

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