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The Basics of Social Media Marketing

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The Basics of Social Media Marketing

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of how social media marketing is made up of three must know concepts. People buy from people they; Know, Like and Trust

This concept works is because it has been proved offline networking is  the most powerful form of marketing because it’s based on referrals. You would only refer a business to someone if they had given you good service (trust) or you knew the person well (know, like and you trust the person).

This is why Business Network International (BNI) is the most powerful offline business network in the world. I am hoping to attend a local Chapter in Manchester and went as a Visitor.It was there that I saw the Know, Like and Trust concept in action, coupled with their motto ‘Givers Gain’.

Perry Belcher a real social media guru and student of on-line human behavior  reached a similar conclusion to that of Dr Adam Meisner (the founder of BNI) about networking. When you stop and think about it these three steps form the basis of any relationship. In fact the single biggest reason relationships or networks breakdown is because the people either no longer, Know, Like or Trust the other person(s).

If we agree that Know, Like and Trust are the basis of a relationship and network marketing is about creating relationships then how do you go about getting people to Know, Like and Trust you on-line?


I would suggest the best way to start social media marketing is with Twitter but do it the correct way. Listen before you Tweet. Your popularity is not directly proportional to the number of followers you get. There are lots of good free guides particularly on Mashable about how to start on Twitter. However lets cover the very basics you need to get correct. Always have a profile photograph of yourself in any social network. It should be the same one, smart casual or smart but never over smart that creates a psychological barrier. Use the full length you get in Twitter for your bio. and make it about who you are not what you sell. Place a shortened link to your Blog never your sales site.

Use a tool like TweetDeck because that updates Twitter in real time and allows you to reply comment etc without having to refresh your browser. Tweet interesting things you read about or have seen on the web. Offer a great recipe if you have come across one! Answer questions if you can. Recommend a good place to eat, or film you have seen. This allows people to get to know you. and to Follow you.I always Follow my Followers back, not to do so is like turning your back on a ‘cyber-handshake’ . You can always unfollow and block users you dislike later, it’s not a lifetime commitment it’s just a. ‘hey that guy looks interesting thing’.

Always send your Followers a welcome message that says thanks for following me and say find out more about me on [for example Facebook, MySpace, ecademy or Linkedin] I recommend Facebook as it’s now the ‘monster’ of social networking.


This is the ‘courting phase’ and happens on a social network usually Facebook. Here the aim is for you to give value to your Friends, not to prattle on endlessly about what you sell. Set up a Group  that you are an expert in – it could even be Gardening and  nothing to do with what you sell. You are adding value to your Friends lives so they get to like you. Engage in conversations via the IM channel, even strike up conversations by the in network mail.

One thing Perry Belcher says and I agree, ‘It’s OK to be controversial if you are sure of your facts’. But if you just put up your own biased views without backing them with facts you become a fool . It’s about being transparent and saying if you like me then that’s fine if you dislike me that’s fine also.

People who go to win popularity competitions are usually shallow and insecure and you need to come over as a leader. You are after all looking to have some of your new found Friends do business with you. We also need to debunk another myth. A lot of network marketing companies say steer clear of families and friends. Well if you are involved in an opportunity you keep secret from your family and friends ask yourself one question, “Is this opportunity really for me?” Because if it is bona fide you should have no problem telling anyone about it – except maybe your employer for sensible reasons.


The place you build Trust is your Blog and your Blog should be about your brand. This is where you must post regularly, focus on niche related things but also things that just interest you as well. Again the odd controversial post is good. Have your Blog RSS feed into a Fan Page on Facebook. This is because they are truncated on Facebook and people have to click on the link to your Blog to read the whole thing.

Importantly simply have a page called Business Opportunities or Business Portfolio. On this page give brief ‘teasers’ about your business opportunities and links to the sales pages. Make sure you have a page that talks about you and has pictures about your lifestyle etc. I now have a USTREAM TV page embedded where I do a weekly show. Each show is recorded and automatically posts to YouTube. This means visitors can watch previous episodes when you are not on live.

So there you have it the basic flow from Know to Like to Trust and hopefully sale. However remember this even if the person does not buy from you they may trust you enough to say to a Friend, ‘hey I know this guy who does that here’s his web address’ – the power of referral.

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