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Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit (2011)

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Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit (2011)

The planetary alignment affects the way we interact with each other. From an astrological standpoint, 2011 is the year of the metal Rabbit. The energy of the Rabbit affects us in many different ways. In Chinese astrology, we can deduce information on how the cosmic energy of the Rabbit affects the world.

World Events

In the year of the Rabbit, we will continue to witness conflicts stemming from Northeast and East Asia. Conflicts that had sparked tensions along the North and South Korean borders will persist as there will be no concrete resolution for both the Koreas. 1950 witnessed to beginning of the Korean War and it carried on until 1953. To add to the problems in East Asia, the sickness star and the Grand Duke of Jupiter points towards that direction. The last time the sickness star was in the East, there was a breakout of SARS in late 2002. Do not be surprised if another outbreak of disease comes about in the back half of 2011.

World Economy

Tariff barriers and protectionism will be raised in this year of conflict. As the United States economy continues their recovery phase. They will want to protect themselves from Chinese imports. From an economic standpoint, I had written this last year:

“2010 will be a turbulent year as governments work together to solve global financial issues and tackle epidemics. Inflation will continue and the value of the US dollar will continue to erode; therefore, investments in the commodity space such as gold, copper, silver and other base metals would be beneficial”

Evidently, the year of the Tiger in 2010 had brought about incredible returns in gold, copper, silver and base metals. 2011 will see a continued rise in metal, more likely in the base metals as construction materials are in greater demand. Those metals would include nickel, zinc, aluminum and steel. Prices for corn, wheat, cotton and other agricultural products will probably produce stellar returns. The previous two Rabbit years were years to forget for stock market followers. 1987 witnessed a world financial crisis as the stock markets crashed around the world. 1999 saw the beginning of the end of the dot com bubble.


Last year, there was a considerable amount of discomfort for many in the shoulder and neck areas. The Tiger year was an unforgiving animal from an energetic standpoint when it came to operating a vehicle. The cosmic energy of the Rabbit brings about different types of health concerns. Since it is a Metal Rabbit year, the health problems would stem from the lungs and the liver. There would be an increased possibility of being infected by hepatitis so travel with care if you decide to go to undeveloped regions of the world. In the middle of 2011, the lungs would be considerably vulnerable to pollution and the weather.


Those who were born in the year of the Tiger, Horse or Dog would experience greater possibilities of romance. If you are single, this is the year to go out more and attend special events.

Economic growth in 2011 will pick up in many parts of the world but parts of Asia will be vulnerable to asset bubbles. The Grand Duke and the Yellow Five star in the year of the Rabbit points directly at China, Taiwan, Japan and parts of Korea. Instability in the region especially in both the Koreas will continue. The fame star for 2011 flies to the West. Moderate recovery is expected and one of the driving forces should come from technology. Much of the technological innovation comes from Silicon Valley and breakthroughs will rightfully come from that region in 2011.

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