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Pixel-selling and the Million Dollar Home Page: Boom-to-bust in Internet Time

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Pixel-selling and the Million Dollar Home Page: Boom-to-bust in Internet Time

Sometime in the slide of 2005, a British lad by the name of Alex Tew sailed into a fantastic storm. As the internet entire world watched, his “Million Dollar Home Web page” swiftly lived up to its audacious title and remaining its mark on world-wide-web record. Armed with uncanny promoting instincts and a excellent dose of luck, Alex took his novel strategy, included a own again-tale, and offered a million dollar’s well worth of promotion in a make a difference of months.

Understandably, plenty of copy cats have absent online, but results has tested difficult to replicate. A fast survey of these so-identified as “pixel-ad” brings up a massive selection of woefully blank screens. The uniqueness of Tew’s internet site was what drew the crowds and justified the value of his site. The 2nd era of pixel internet pages is struggling to produce the exact exhilaration.

A single problem is that the thought for the Million Greenback Residence Web site is so basic that there is little home for specialized advancement. Not that persons are not attempting. For illustration, web-site http://www.izoomzoom.com touts the capacity to screen a thumbnail image of the goal URL as the mouse cursor rolls above a pixel ad. This characteristic is appealing, but it is unclear whether or not the thumbnail photographs will persuade or discourage viewers to click on-through to the marketed website.

Yet another web-site with a twist is [http://www.millionpixelsart.com]. Rather of the common rectangular billboard, the pixel blocks are arranged in diverse shapes (like a beer mug and dice). Once more, the idea is fascinating, but the deficiency of bought blocks should serve as a warning to others that good results will involve true ingenuity.

A single of the additional prosperous pixel-advertisement web pages can be identified at http://www.pixmeup.com. This internet site usually takes a multi-amount marketing solution to pixel providing, innovating the business model relatively than the structure. PixMeUp at this time attributes various densely populated pixel web pages, proof of its capacity to discover customers.

Just as the general shops of the American West profited from the California Goldrush, it may possibly be the suppliers of the potential pixel sellers that are reaping the best benefits. Domain registrars and domain hosts are also profiting from the uptick in web-sites coming on line. Device builders are cropping up still left and suitable, providing would-be millionaires the picks and shovels needed to stake their claims. Other internet sites exist for the objective of giving news and back links associated to the pixel-ad phenomenon.

The pixel-ad marketplace seems to be saturating, as evidenced by the likely price for these tiny squares of advertisement. How considerably has the industry fallen? I uncovered 1 solution on a humorous site [http://www.ihatethemilliondollarhomepage.com]. Its writer nicely captures the jealousy and dejection felt by entrepreneurs who have failed to come shut to the success of the MillionDollarHomePage. And, to spite Alex Tew, these pixels are remaining presented absent totally free of cost!

In time, the pixel-advert idea will proceed to evolve. A mere months after Alex Tew’s monetary trajectory shot by means of the stratosphere, creative descendents of the first strategy are presently heading off in new instructions. Affiliation pixel-ad sites, these types of as [http://www.christianmilliondollarhomepage.com/], cater to certain leads to or audiences. The pixel-advertising concept can take a artistic change at http://www.WorldWideArtStudio.com, wherever artists can take part in the creation of art by buying the proper to manage portions of a “electronic canvas.” Additionally, WorldWideArtStudio.com turns its again on the internet marketing roots of pixel providing by prohibiting the show of advertisements in its artwork.

With the latest Web information coverage centering on substantial organizations like Google and AOL, I experienced overlooked how straightforward it can be for the personal to leverage the energy of this international communications network. Thank you, Alex Tew, for rekindling the flame of youthful innovation that was as soon as the dominant drive on the internet. I confess I’ve bought a single or two million-dollar strategies bumping about my mind at this really moment…how about you?

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