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Omnivir Kills HIV, Fights AIDS, Protects Immune and Prolongs Life

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Omnivir Kills HIV, Fights AIDS, Protects Immune and Prolongs Life

Omnivir is a medical device that generates humidified active oxygen in the form of a very energetic oxygen singlet (O) , pure oxygen (O2) and triatmic oxygen (O3, also known as medical ozone). Ominvir is used at home or clinics to care for HIV by reducing viral load, boosting immune and detoxying the body.

How Active Oxygen works on HIV and Immune System:
Active Oxygen deactivates and eventually kills HIV by destroying its protective skin. Ozone’s destructiveness nature on HIV, virus and bacteria is partly attributed to the oxidation of unsaturated bonds in the phospholipids and lipoprotein architecture of the bacteria, viruses. The oxidation generates hydro peroxides, which are transformed to peroxyl and hydroxyl radicals and to other reactive species, including aldehydes. Peroxyl radicals attack proteins, and hydroxyl radicals induce disruptive structural changes in cell membranes. The reactive oxygen intermediates also contribute to the inactivation of viral reverse transcriptase. In order of preference, ozone reacts with polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), antioxidants such as ascorbic and uric acids, thiol compounds with -SH groups such as cysteine, reduced glutathione (GSH) and albumin All of these compounds act as electron donor and undergo oxidation. Ozone reacts with body fluids forming moles of hydrogen peroxide (included among reactive oxygen species, ROS) and moles of lipid oxidation products (LOPs) The fundamental ROS molecule is hydrogen peroxide, which is a non-radical oxidant able to act as an ozone messenger responsible for eliciting several biological and therapeutic effects. Hydrogen Peroxide already exists in human cells and its the key chemical on fighting infections, ege viruses and bacteria. The ozone bio-oxidative process is therefore characterized by the formation of ROS and LOPs acting in two phases. ROS are acting immediately and disappear (early and short-acting messengers), LOPs, via the circulation, distribute throughout the tissues and eventually only a few molecules bind to cell receptors . In fact of ozone returns to normal within half an hour and the oxidized compounds such as dehydroascorbate are efficiently recycled back to ascorbic acid. H2O2 diffuses easily from the plasma into the cells and its sudden appearance in the cytoplasm represents the triggering stimulus: depending upon the cell type, different biochemical pathways can be concurrently activated in erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelets resulting in numerous biological effects.

At right concentration, medical ozone kills 99.999% lipid viruses and bacteria in the tests tube, water and in the air. Here is a list of opportunistic pathogens susceptible to the antiviral and antibacterial power of ozone therapy: herpes viridae, simplex, varicella-zoster, kaposi sarcoma, epstein – barr, influenza, hepatitis.

Ozone also acts as an enhancer of the immune system by activating neutrophils and stimulating the synthesis of some cytokines. The by product of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, which after entering into the cytoplasm of blood mononuclear cells (BMC) by oxidizing selected cysteines, activates a tyrosine kinase, which then phosphorylates the transcription factor nuclear factor ºB allowing the release of a heterodimer (p50+p65). This complex moves on to the nucleus and switches on some hundred genes eventually responsible for causing the synthesis of several proteins, among which are the acute-phase reactants and numerous interleukins. Once the ozonated leukocytes return to the circulation, they home in lymphoid microenvironments and successively release cytokines acting in a paracrine fashion on neighbouring cells with a possible reactivation of a depressed immune system.

Active Oxygen Success on HIV/AIDS:
This medical gas has been in use for a long time mostly in hospitals and by physicians across the world. Physicians report 99.9% success rate on HIV patients, also remission of the condition in most cases. Doctors across the world claims to have cured HIV on more than 500 patients using a rigorous and very expensive ($25,000) protocol which included Active Oxygen IV Therapy as the main treatment. There are more than 5 US and International patents for reseacrch to cure HIV using active oxygen/ozone, none have been put on the market due to production and regulatry costs.

Active Oxygen Therapy is used in major countries ie UK, Malasyia, China, USA, Japan, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Germany , France, Cuba, Canada, Ireland, Europe, India, Americas. Click Here to see a list of doctors offering the cheapest (average $300/month) active oxygen rectal therapy worldwide.

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