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Network Marketing – The Essence of Today’s Home Based Business Models

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Network Marketing – The Essence of Today’s Home Based Business Models

If you are looking for a way to work from home, and the idea of owning a portion of a home based business sounds good to you, then you might be interested in a career of Network Marketing. If you have some basic social skills, or are willing to face a learning curve in order to learn how better to associate with people, then Network Marketing can be a way for you to make an income without needing to report to a nine-to-five job on a daily basis.

Network Marketing, or multi-level marketing, is a legitimate sales strategy with an important characteristic. In MLM, a sales person is responsible not only for selling, but also for recruiting to expand the sales force. Each sales person’s income stems not only from their own individual sales, but also from the sales created by their Downline, a tern referring to all the sales people recruited by a particular salesman.

Because of this unique quality of network marketing, an individual salesman’s marketing strategy needs to be evaluated differently from traditional marketing. While it is still important to maintain sales, there is even more of an emphasis on networking than in normal sales. While networking is usually important in sales in order to expand a salesman’s network for direct selling to consumers, network marketers also need to rely on networking to expand their Downline.

Direct selling is traditionally very self-centered. Not only is a salesman trying to out-sale his competition from other company’s but also from his own, so that he can be rewarded for high sales output. Network marketing is usually a bit different. While it is possible to make a profit from direct selling in a MLM strategy, the process is not as well supported because the focus is on networking. Instead of focusing on their own profits, a network marketer has to focus on teamwork, giving up sales to subsidiaries in the beginning in the hopes that they can develop into useful Downline members later, and providing their Downline with useful information on sales leads whenever they do not have the time to pursue them personally.

As network marketer, it is important to remember that you are more than an individual, and you should never be alone. Note that the network works more than one way. You have a Downline, but you are also a member of somebody else’s Downline. Do not be afraid to seek assistance from your sponsor when you first get started. If you have a good sponsor, they will want you to succeed because your success will lead to a steady profit for them.

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