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Maximizing Free Press Release Service

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Maximizing Free Press Release Service

The best things in life are free

Thankfully, when it comes to press release services, there are still good ones around for you to choose from. What’s even better is that being available for free has not made these services inferior. With that, you get to enjoy top services that will greatly improve your efforts at promotion without having to pay a single cent. Compare this with any form of advertising and you have to pay for at every move.

What to look for in free press release services

Leaving aside cost for the moment, turn your attention to other factors such as the quality of the site and the services offered. For starters, make sure you understand what you’re going to get since different press release services specialize in different things. Some stick to distribution for news wires, while others promote your content by publishing each release on their own site. Still there are others that can offer you both.

Distribution services are more aggressive and seek out to address your target audience directly, whereas sites that publish press releases themselves rely on organic search results online to direct your target audience to them and then on to you. The best strategy is to find what will address your needs and preferences. One thing to bear in mind with sites that distribute your release is that you may not want your release to appear in every nook and cranny of The Internet. Search Engines do not like spam and posting a fresh press release each time in choice places on the Web can sometimes be the best approach and help to enhance your reputation. Search engines give little credit to duplicate content.

Aside from distribution and publication services, go to press release services that will read each release and reject releases of poor quality. You do not want to appear with other releases of poor quality. Good sites will also offer some advice on how to write a press release as well providing examples of good press releases for you to read.

Look also at whether or not you can tag and categorize your release. If the release appears in the right category with appropriate tags, it has more chance of being found by your potential customers who can then click through to your web site. So that’s another feature to look out for. Can you enter your web site URL so that visitors can click straight through to your site having found you on a relevant search?

So look for a site with high standards and with tips and tricks and samples to simplify things for you if you need help. There are those that offer writing services but learning to write your own press releases will make them feel and sound more personal, which adds personality to your content and makes it more enjoyable to read. Think of it like talking directly to your target audience. But keep your information objective and don’t make your press release read like an advertisement. You will know from experience that you are more inclined to listen to someone who seems like a fellow human being, who you can picture, right? If they’ll take the time to read what you have to say, it is best that you give them a bit of yourself as well. But never use hard sell in a press release and make sure that everything you say is accurate.

Will one press release be enough?

You become far more interesting by showcasing your different sides rather than sticking to just one. That’s why posting unique press releases that have never been published anywhere before can be so effective. You just need to categorize your press release and assign the proper tags to it to help direct your target audience, brought in with the help of natural search engine results.

Posting in this way, you only need to work on your content since you don’t have to worry about seeking out your target audience because they come to you. Posting a unique press release on a regular basis should soon become second nature to you. There’s still work involved but at least you will now have a strategy in place. So go ahead. There’s no reason not to maximize what press releases can do for you.

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