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Five Steps to Dominate Network Marketing Business Online

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Five Steps to Dominate Network Marketing Business Online

Have You been struggling to find a key for tiny checks, leaking downlines, and “quick turn” attitude that has taken over Network Marketing Business with the emergence of internet. I was and unfortunately spent thousands of dollars on unsuccessful advertising, ebooks and courses. Fortunately for me, Two topmost producers in this industry took me under their wing and taught me how to produce online wealth. Today, I want to give back and let you know that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to run a profitable network marketing business online.

Have You heard the word “Attraction Marketing”. I hope you understand how powerful this marketing strategy is. It took me a while to realize. When I understood, It was a new start for the rest of my life. In short, Attraction Marketing is a marketing tactic by which you position and brand yourself to draw the prospects like a magnet.

Today, I want to share five critical elements that you must have and implement in your Biz to position yourself as a leader and dominate Network Marketing Biz online.

Personalized and customizable capture pages and Web sites
For a long time, I was working hard to drive traffic to the corporate web site. But, the figures were not good enough. It took me a while to realize that folks join you and not the Business. people will get attracted to you when they could relate personally and build trust with you. And there is no way you can develop relationships and trust using replicated corporate websites. You need to drive the traffic to your own personal websites and capture pages that has your videos, pictures and stories. Once the prospect can relate and build trust with you, selling is just natural and easy. As I read somewhere, Sales is nothing but a transfer of belief from seller to buyer.

Build your own list
List of leads who are keen to receive information from you on a continual basis is your biggest asset. you would understand it more when we discuss affiliate marketing. Just think about it this way, why would someone want to receive information from you? Only if they perceive you as a person of immense value. so, the million dollar question is, how do you project yourself as a person of value? simple – by building and sharing it.

A. Develop value
Believe yourself as a person of immense value and act accordingly. People will feel it. Also, spend some quality time on your personal development ( increases your value) so that you can build your emotional and mental strength to position as a leader. This is very critical. In Network Marketing, you are either a leader or nothing. The choice is yours.
B. Share value
With the advent of Web 2.0 tools like blogs, Social networking web sites like facebook, it has become very easy to connect and add value. You can also share the value to your list through email using an effective tool called auto responder

Streamlined Sales Funnel
It is a known fact in internet marketing that 95% of the leads generated do not join the main opportunity. But there are select group of Internet marketers in this industry who are dominating and receiving fat checks every single month. How? They do affiliate marketing. Top internet marketers either build or endorse multiple products ( more than 10) to monetize their list. I believe you should too as your list is very precious.

Duplicable Marketing And Training Platform
Lets say, your team is growing and are excited about promoting your opportunity. But, they do not have marketing experience. What do you do? Would you spend time teaching various marketing strategies like Facebook, twitter to your team members? you definitely do not want to as it defeats your purpose of becoming an internet marketer ( have more time to travel, time with the family etc). You need to leverage on a training and marketing system that will provide training and support for marketers ranging from new bees to experts.

Natural Way to promote your opportunity
It is a known fact that people like to buy rather than being sold. people will buy your opportunity only if they perceive you as a person of immense value and believe that the opportunity would be beneficial to them. You need to position yourself as a leader, show value and promote your opportunity naturally through auto responders. Always think like a lead when you are writing these auto responders. For example, What is the most important reason I need this product?

Are you overwhelmed ? Initially, it was horrifying for me. Fortunately, for me, two top producers in this industry guided and taught me exactly how to create Online Wealth. It is not that difficult to build network marketing business online as long as some one who has already done it can show you and simplify the complicated information available out there.

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