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Climbing Up The Ladder In 2017

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Climbing Up The Ladder In 2017

Ways to keep booming your business and brag about it in the social and print media.

How often do you get a chance to share the good work you do?

Perhaps, at an in-person meeting with a colleague, or a telephonic discussion and an email to a business partner. We decided to tread the other way round the path – we’d rather blog about it! Here’s a polite gesture from our end, to articulate it in words how successful we at Media Corridors have been in climbing up the slippery, steep mountain slope of Marketing & Adverting in 2017.

Digital Marketing

A Singapore based e-store, from whom we ideated, and executed a Social Media organic and paid marketing strategy for the launch of their new fashion retail brand. Result – great leads, strong brand positioning, commendable customer acquisition and increased website traffic.

Agile Communications Pvt Ltd Digital Marketing | Graphic Designing & Content

A flight to Mumbai and it resulted in a healthy relationship with our client. What followed next is more business opportunities with the client’s clients that are renowned IT firms.

Sqrrl,Fintech | Content Services

From its website to its application, we were more than glad to assist Sqrrl in writing, structuring and implementing their website and applications’ content. While, writing for their endeavour to help millennials save, we too are an active adult user of their business model;). Great stuff, do check them out!

Lead Angels Public Relations

With a clear objective of positioning the brand ‘Lead Angels’ in the media fraternity, as a pertinent club of members who Fintech Services come together from different walk of life for a cause. To bring together investors with profound business experience and knowledge, and startup unicorns.

IL&FS Technologies Pvt Web Solutions | Graphic Designing & Content | Digital Marketing

A collaboration with IL&FS technologies company for their end-to-end marketing and advertising collaterals and work mandate. We designed their website, indoor exhibition’s branding collaterals such as brochures, standees, back drops.

Interglobe Hotels Pvt Ltd Graphic Designing & Content

Responsible for bringing about an innovative design and content for their in-house quarterly brochures/ newsletters. A ospitality partner, we’re more than glad to associate with. Working with Media Corridors means engaging a team of people who have made the climb before, making your way up a little easier and a lot more enjoyable. Together, we are here to serve – Greater brand recognition, Buzz, Business Growth, Lead Generation and Meaningful Market Engagement.

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