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5 Destroyers of Productivity That Lurk in Your Business

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5 Destroyers of Productivity That Lurk in Your Business

With increasing competition, it’s essential for business entities to enhance productivity to stay competitive in the market. As an entrepreneur, you need to take guard against factors, which threaten to hamper employee productivity. Given below are five menaces that constantly lurk in your business.

Interruptions, distractions and idle gossips

In most offices, workers face interruptions and distractions all day, which makes it difficult for them to stay focused. These distractions come from every direction and in every form: phones, mails, colleagues, idle gossips, etc. These disturbances reduce productivity at workplace dramatically. As an employer, you should strictly deal with unnecessary disruptions that eat away efficiency. Make concerted effort to create a healthy environment where everyone gives 100% effort.

Lack of clear vision

Lack of clarity in vision and goals can dent efficiency of your members. Each worker must know his role and work accordingly. You must make the missions and goals of your company clear to your workforce. Your firm’s mission statement should not have jargons, but a definite meaning. If necessary, conduct meetings and conferences to remind members about the goals of the company. Hold personal meetings with people who find it difficult to understand their role.

Improper time management

Time management is extremely important for productivity improvement. With proper time management, you can gain more than your expectations. If you find employees reporting late constantly, penalize them. Observe how everybody is spending his or her time in office and if you find anything wrong, point it out immediately. Sometimes there are genuine reasons to miss a deadline. However, missing deadlines on a regular basis casts a bad impression about your company in eyes of customers. Make your workers understand the value of planning, which will reap benefits for them in the long run.

Overdependence on meetings

Productive teamwork doesn’t need meetings for every single decision. Workers become inefficient when struck in long meetings over petty issues. Constant conferences kill time and retard them. You should hold a meeting when it’s urgent and necessary. Gathering every day to discuss irrelevant matter sends negative vibes to employees.

Office politics

Office politics is something that you can’t avoid completely, but can definitely reduce it by taking tough actions. Look out for workers who constantly criticize the management, its decisions and foul-mouth their seniors. Take special care of new employees who are most vulnerable to dirty politics. You should not shy away from terminating someone who creates an unhealthy atmosphere in the office.

Once you address the above issues, the efficiency of your team will reach new levels. Members will feel more vitalized and vibrant. At the same time, it will make you feel good and lift your spirits.

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