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11 Odd But Practical Uses For An EziDri Food Dehydrator

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11 Odd But Practical Uses For An EziDri Food Dehydrator

Positive, they make fantastic fruit roll-ups and outstanding dehydrated mushrooms and beef jerky, but what else can you use your EziDri foodstuff dehydrator for?

BE Imaginative! Or pay heed to the old adage that necessity is the mom of creation. The greatest way to get your money’s value out of any kitchen area appliance is to basically use it! Browse on for other helpful strategies you can set your EziDri foodstuff dehydrator to perform.

1. DRYING PASTA: If you make your own pasta, you’ll know that if it has any humidity in it before storage, it will go mildewy reasonably quickly. You can dry it competently and speedily in your EziDri dehydrator. Dry for 2 to 4 hours on a medium environment and store in airtight containers. Bear in mind, you can make the most great pasta dough by hand, or even with a breadmaking device, and as a substitute of utilizing water as the dampness content material, use vegetable juices this sort of as carrot, spinach or capsicum. Or, insert do-it-yourself vegetable powders to create flavour and desire. Use the spaghetti or fettuccine extrusion nozzles on the Samson 6-In-1 or the Oscar Vitalmax Juicer … how straightforward is that?

2. COOKED PASTA: You can basically dry cooked pasta in your EziDri dehydrator and split it into chunk measurement chunks just before storing in airtight containers. When you require it, merely rehydrate in a bowl of boiling drinking water and it will take just 2 to 3 minutes. Exceptional for when you have leftover foods and you want to extend them a very little more with out a good deal of added effort. Or, take with you on tenting and hiking visits. Fantastic carbs, no intricate planning!

3. FRESHENING UP CRACKERS: Really don’t waste dollars on crackers, biscuits, chips or even cereal that has passed its freshest condition. If you locate they’re a minimal stale, recrisp them by laying them out in a one layer on the EziDri drying trays and switch on for about an hour on medium.

4. HUMIDIFIER: If you find the air in your property is quite dry, significantly through the cooler months, you can truly use your EziDri dehydrator to humidify it again to a far more snug affliction. Position a couple of containers of water in the trays of your EziDri and change on to high. As the drinking water evaporates, the air will grow to be far more moist.

5. AIR FRESHENER: You may notice when utilizing your EziDri dehydrator that the air fills with the aromas of whatsoever you are drying. Properly did you know that you can intentionally use your EziDri to perfume the ambiance in your dwelling? Simply by putting aromatic fruits or botanicals in the dehydrator, you can generate a beautiful perfume, without any of the substances utilised in business air fresheners. Try citrus, lavender or a assortment of herbs.

6. AROMATHERAPY: Sure, it’s even an aromatherapy diffuser! Lay a handful of non-poisonous branches or fragrant crops on the trays of your EziDri dehydrator and transform on to medium. Old bread moistened with drinking water will support to diffuse the scent of vanilla essence. Lavender, rosemary and rose petals are all delightful.

7. BREADCRUMBS: Any time you have bread that doesn’t get eaten, it is a shame to throw it out. Dry it in your EziDri food dehydrator and the moment it truly is crisp, either crush it manually or give it a rapid whiz in your food items processor. When you’re at it, you can insert herbs or citrus peel that you could have dried in advance of, or vegetable powders to add further flavour. Flavoured breadcrumbs are great for chicken, fish fillets or veal cutlets, and good for stuffing recipes.

8. POT POURRI: Tailor make your own pot pourri combos to match your preferences and the materials you have on hand. The EziDri food items dehydrator is the finest resource for the work as it dries all the features perfectly still even now permits them to keep their beautiful perfumes. Test numerous flower petals, fruit peels, pine needles, herbs, grasses, woods and spices.

9. Hearth STARTERS: Turn citrus peels into the most effective – and most fragrant – fireplace starters you’ve ever employed. Citrus would not break down on compost heaps for the reason that of its antibacterial properties and in point, it inhibits the crack down of the other make a difference. When you peel citrus fruits, just slash the skins into strips and dry to a crisp. When you light-weight them, the oils will flare up and burn up for a respectable length of time. With no h2o written content, they will burn up wonderfully.

10. PET TREATS: You should not ignore your pooch or kitty-cat. Pigs’ trotters and snouts and other meats are pretty welcome treats when dehydrated pets appreciate them!

11. FLAVOURED VEGETABLE POWDERS: Coarsely chop vegetable, unfold about mesh sheet and dehydrate until eventually the vegetable is dried to a crisp. Then pulverise and store in airtight containers. Picture what you can do with these! Test carrots, total heads of celery, garlic, onion, purple or environmentally friendly peppers and more. Incorporate the powders to soups, salad dressings, bread dough, your favorite beef jerky marinade or what ever else your creativeness conjures.

So you see, EziDri foods dehydrators are quite precious appliances. You are going to have heaps of exciting making an attempt new suggestions and looking at what new matters you can produce. Accessible in three models: the Common Every day, the Snackmaker and the massive brother of them all, the Extremely FD1000.

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